Monthly Archives: May 2013

12-2013 Two more skeletons fall off the UPA cupboard

Two more Ministers were shown the way out of the current Government. After Suresh Kalmadi, and Raja, two more Ministers were exposed, disgraced, and left with no other option than to resign and pack their bags. May all the corrupt and the spineless leave this country and this world soon.

11-2013 Spineless AICTE does a somersault

AICTE has revised its earlier diktat reg. usage of MS Office365. The revised version of the earlier order, does NOT include the lines “Though there are benefits that may accrue from the project, it may also be noted that the program is mandatory.” So, there is no more pressure to use Office 365, although the pimping for MS has still not stopped. You are free, not to use Office365 or other MS products.

Notce that neither this order nor the earlier one have any date or reference number, violating all norms of official decorum and practice.

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