1-2019 Time to switch over

A simple fact of life: CHANGE IS THE SPICE OF LIFE

It took me some time for the initial hiccups to settle down and let me reach a reasonable comfort level on my new wordpress site . All my rants and trolls will now appear in my new wordpress site only. The current blog will not be destroyed. It will be frozen and put in a hibernate mode.

See you there !


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10-2018 Explore, discover, learn

I have started a new learning adventure on 2018-11-24. I have installed and created my own WordPress site on my own web space at drpartha.org.in There will be lots of blunders and failures and subsequent rejoicing as I discover a new world. Visit my new website and give me your opinions and suggestions;


9-2018 Signs of a civilised and cultured person

We saw earlier, the qualities of a blessed person. We now see the signs of a civilised and cultured person (Our inspiration :: Tweet dated 2018 Aug 26, by Warren Buffet ‏ @warrenbuffet99)

Here’s what’s cool about a civilised and cultured person:

  1. saying ‘thank you’
  2. appreciating and respecting punctuality.
  3. being nice to strangers
  4. listening without interrupting
  5. admitting you were wrong
  6. following your dreams
  7. being a mentor
  8. learning and using people’s names
  9. holding doors open
  10. answering promptly and politely, all emails, phone calls, letters, correspondance

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anyone who can claim to match all the above.

Be honest, ask yourself, how many of the above do you follow ?



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8-2018 Fraud by Uber (a true story)

 Fraud by Uber (a true story)

1. 2018-08-07 : A 68 year old, sick client, books a ride from the client’s home
to Apollo Hospital, for consulting a neurologist, on a serious medical
problem which the client was having , by Uber using Uber App. on his mobile.

2. Uber accepts the call, and assigns a driver for the ride .

3. After several minutes of delay and uncertainty, the driver quietly abandons the
call. The driver, or Uber, give no indication that the call was being aborted,
neither do they give any reason for the same. Consequently, the proposed
ride NEVER took place. The client is put to enormous mental stress and
agony and anxiety. This is a clear case of irresponsible behaviour and
breach of trust.

4. Mysteriously, Uber makes a claim of “Payment pending” for Rs. 57.75,
using the Uber app. , for a trip which never took place.
This tantamounts to deliberate fraud and an act of “adding injury to insult” .

5. The client promptly lodges a protest using the Uber app. and follows up with
sternly worded emails.

6. Uber implicitly accepts the lapse, and responds that the amount collected
is being refunded to the client. Uber however keeps dilly-dallying and tries
its best, to wriggle out of the episode, by trying to call up the client by phone, so as to cover up its lapses and leave no traces.

7. After about 50 sternly worded emails and warning messages and a notice
that the matter will be reported to law enforcement agencies, the disputed
amount of Rs. 57.75 was eventually credited to the client’s bank account.

8. This matter is still far from resolved, since Uber is yet to :
a. Explain in detail why this incident occurred, in the first place.
b. Explain why Uber extracted the payment for a trip which was never
made — a deliberate act of fraud.
c. Offer an open and publicly visible apology for inflicting enormous mental
agony and anxiety to the sick client, by denying him a trip to the hospital.
d. Explain in detail the action taken on the fraudulent driver for his dishonest
and irresponsible behaviour.
e. Give all details of the transfer claimed to have been made by Uber viz.
date on which the transfer was initiated, Transaction Ref. number, Mode of
transfer, amount transferred, Name and designation of the person who
initiated this mysterious transfer.

Read more about the way Uber operates

Get in touch with — drpartha@gmail.com, if you have had any unpleasant experiences with Uber, Hyderabad, India. You have a right to defend yourself.


7/2018 Uber dirty games

The games never end .

Here is a new game (this is a true story, it could happen to you) played by Uber, the taxi-cab company. Also read my earlier post, to get the whole picture about Uber.

Consider yourself lucky, if the taxi ditches you, like in this current case. You may have just escaped other horrors like molestation, rape, indecent and rude behaviour, or robbery. You can expect anything from Uber.

To avoid getting hurt by Uber ::

  1. Never engage in phone conversations with Uber: They will confuse you and muddle the issue with clever language. You will have no trace of what they told you or what you told them. Use emails, so that you can trace the entire episode chronologically. Do NOT let them wriggle out of all blame, with their clever play of words and cunning falsehoods.
  2. Never give up : They will try to dilly-dally and delay the matter, until you get fed up. This is exactly what they want. Your persistence can defeat their plans to swindle you and get away with it.
  3. Always use cashless payments : BHIM-UPI is best, since it has no intermediate agencies (like ewallets etc.) It has no other cost overheads.
  4. Enable internet banking : You can always cross-check transactions directly with your bank. You can pin down Uber, if they try to bluff you.
  5. Make screenshots of your booking and the confirmation (driver name and vehicle number): Before you commence the trip, email/share the screenshots with a friend or store a backup copy in your email inbox or cloud storage. This can come in handy, if there is a serious trespass, crime or accident.
  6. Use social media platforms to warn/alert others.
  7. Never trust Uber, if your mission is urgent or is time-bound (e.g. catch a flight, board a train, visit the doctor or hospital, appear in an exam) .
  8. When the taxi arrives to pick you up, make a picture of its number plate and the car body. Copy the picture by email or SMS to a friend. Never mind if the driver sees you doing this. He will know that he can be caught, if there is any incident.
  9. If your mobile phone gets stolen, snatched away or vandalised while you travel, the fallback copies you made by email or SMS can help you follow up with law enforcement agencies.

Your vigilance and your precautions are your only hope, when you deal with unscrupuluous people.

Moral of the story :

Next time you have to travel for an important reason (e.g. catch a flight, board a train, visit the hospital etc.), you will be better off if you take a bicycle, or hire a bullock cart. Beware of hi-tech swindlers like Uber. Publicly accessible transportation is a vital service, and can often be a matter of life and death. It should not become the unreliable and undependable pastime of dishonest business houses.

As a covert admission of guilt, Uber takes some more steps to protect its clients from its own accomplices/partners. Maybe this is just another eyewash.

There are a hundred other ways Uber (or its drivers) can swindle you .

In any case, take your own precautions. Don’t take chances.

Get in touch with drpartha@gmail.com if you have had any unpleasant experiences with Uber taxis. You have a right to defend yourself, and a duty to warn and alert others.

6-2018 Adhar stigmatises everybody — Let us protest !

Recently, a learned lawyer found an innovative argument against the Aadhar project. Of course, all citizens are under the scanner because of Aadhar. Why should all financial transactions be endorsed with the Aadhar number of the parties involved ? Does it not tantamount to suspecting everyone for fraud, terrorism and tax evasion ? Let’s object to this draconian law, just because we have the right to protest and some brilliant lawyers to support us.

Why should all cars have number plates ? And why should all cars display their number plates prominently , in the front and the rear ? Does it not tantamount to suspecting everyone for fraud, terrorism and crime ? Let’s object and protest.

Why should the travelling ticket inspector check everyone’s ticket in the train ? Does it not tantamount to suspecting everyone for fraud and crime ? Let’s object and protest.

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How can learned people, particularly lawyers, be so illogical ?


5-2018 Old age need not be a curse ……..

Old age need not be a curse …….

If you are a Senior Citizen, you know what it is to be fighting isolation, poverty,
neglect. If you have parents who are old and living alone, you have a need to know
how you can help them in their struggle.
The “Senior Citizens’ Guide” , published by Helpage India, will give you all information you need. Take a look at this informative document (84 pages), and share it with as many people as you know.

Old age is a fact of life. Enjoy it gracefully with your lifemate, as long as it lasts.

Now, you have some more help to let you enjoy your sunset years

This announcement is part of my Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) initiative.

PS: The pictures above do not show me or my wife.

4-2018 Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

I seem to have got out of the Facebook tangle into which some crazy idiot put me. It was not easy to get out. I am happy that I have finally got myself extricated from this evil. Richard Stallman, founder of FSF, rightly said “People don’t use Facebook. Facebook uses people (to spy on other people).”

Here is a shocking revelation, you be the judge.

I also avoid stupid things like: whatsapp, Linkedin, Instagram, ……
Let us avoid all evil , Amen.