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27/2012 IFSFI

If you don’t shout, you don’t get justice

After almost nine months since I paid RMS to join FSF India, and after a whole lot of harshly worded mails to FSF India, and a few postings on my WordPress blog, I have at last got my FSFI membership card. As expected, the card has some flaws. The membership date has no correlation to the date of payment made by me, or the date when the card reached me. My address is wrong. My name is spelt wrongly. In short, this whole affair has turned out to be meaningless for me. The only benefit I got is that I now know how to deal with FSF India.

Let this be a warning alert for anyone who wants to join FSF India (aka IFSFI).


You have to be very lucky, or be a sniffer dog, if you wish to find out contact details of people from FSFI.
First, you must know (by magic) that FSF India’s domain name is
If you start from their home page(, you will have grope around till you go three levels deep. And then, guess out from their convolutely worded clues, where the contact address is.

After all the trouble, you will realise that the Chairman’s mail ID is wrong ! (See screenshot). Do not be disappointed — you can easily get his date of birth instead ( — Reachable from the FSF India wiki page

You need more proof for justifying the title of this blog post ?


PS Of course, every one can make mistakes. It needs an organisation like FSFI to be defiantly provocative in defending its behaviour.

25/2012 Irresponsible volunteer of irresponsible FSFI

The real culprit has been located. Amit Dhakulkar <>, volunteer of FSFI has spoken up at last, and confessed. Hope the problem will be resolved for good soon, and such things will never happen again to anybody.



——– Original Message ——–
Subject: FSFI Membership
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 08:57:39 -0400
From: Amit Dhakulkar <>

Dear Dr. Partha,

I am *extremely* sorry for the delay in sending your receipts and materials regarding the donation that you had done.
It was *my* fault that the things came to this stage. Have sent you the materials by courier, which you shall
receive in 2-3 working days.




24/2012 Lest we forget

Have we forgotten, how he hoodwinked the whole of India,pulled wool over all our eyes, made us believe he was GOD ?

India would have been a better place without Sathya Sai Baba

Sanal Edamaruku
Indian Rationalist Association & Rationalist International

When Sathya Sai Baba died this morning (24 April 2011) at the age of 85 years, he proved once again that miracles and predictions fail. He had predicted at a public gathering at his head quarters in Puttaparthy, in 2000, and repeatedly many times, that he would die at the age of 96 only. And till the last moment, many of his devotees clung to his word and waited for a miracle. May it be an eye opener for the millions of gullible people whom he misguided and deluded.

De mortuis nihil nisi bene, they say, say nothing but good of the dead. But I think Sathya Sai Baba’s case qualifies for an exception. Too great is the damage that he did to India. His devastating influence on reason and scientific temper caused huge setback to the country. At a time, when scientific progress led to great social and economic leaps and scientific awakening started spreading all over India, Sathya Sai Baba launched a “counter revolution” of superstition, supported by irresponsible politicians and other public figures who should have known better. In my judgment, this is his greatest crime. I have succeeded again and again to expose him publicly as a fraud, so did some other rationalists. But due to his political protectors he was never held responsible for his crimes against public reason. Nor was he ever booked for any other crime he was accused of. Numerous cases of alleged sexual abuse and murder are yet to be investigated, not to mention the financial secrets of his empire.

Sathya Sai Baba insisted in all seriousness that he was god, the creator of the universe, and “proved” his divinity with a couple of small “miracles”. As son of a village tantric he was familiar with the hand sleights and tricks of the trade. However, he did not only fascinate poor and uneducated villagers with his fraudulent performances. Over the years, he managed to attract a galaxy of India’s rich and powerful, among them ministers, prime ministers, presidents, chief justices, top industrialists and superstars.

Sathya Sai Baba had a special modus operandi that was the key for his astonishing success and the root of his enormous clout. Many of his high society devotees came to serve their own vested interests. Some came to rub shoulders with the prominent. Many joined the club because it was working as a powerful syndicate spreading its tentacles all over the political system. It was a way to the top jobs and a way to get things done. Others were seeking financial support or wanted to get rid of ill-gotten black money: The empire, it is alleged, was based on money laundering, using foreign devotees and branches. In fact, the huge foreign donations to Sai Baba stood in contrast to the comparatively modest number of active foreign devotees and the sometimes quite weak foreign branches, some of them residing in private homes. That is no great surprise, when one considers that Sai Baba did not speak any other language than Telugu and traveled only once in his whole life abroad – to visit his friend Idi Amin in Uganda.

On his 80th birthday, Sai Baba’s supporters announced that he would turn from a miracle man to a philanthropist. That was, after I had demonstrated his miracles so often in TV shows that many kids in the streets could imitate them. That he since spent a part of the great fortunes, swindled out of the gullible, for social development around his ancestral village, is highlighted now to present him as a saint. But as useful and welcome hospitals, schools and drinking water projects for the poor always may be: this kind of alibi-philanthropy is well known even from mafia-bosses. It cannot be weighed against his crimes and the damage he has done to the Indian society.

In December 2005, I wrote a letter to then President Dr. Abdul Kalam, one of Sai Baba’s ardent supporters, which was never answered. I demanded criminal investigations against Sai Baba. If his social development projects are meant to be indulgence to nullify his crimes, this procedure is unprecedented and unacceptable, I wrote. It is a shame for India that well-founded accusations and numerous reputed witnesses against Sai Baba are ignored without any investigation. Do saffron clothes make an offender untouchable for the law? Do we have to tolerate that political protectionism raises its head so boldly, mocking India’s democracy?

Sathya Sai Baba caused great damage to India. His irresponsible political patrons corrupted the political culture of India. Encouraged by the clout of Sathya sai Baba, a new clan of miracle mongers imitated him. India would have been a better place without Sathya Sai Baba.

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23/2012 Irresponsible FSF India

I have received a mail from Nagarjuna G <>, chairperson of Free Software Foundation of India ackowledging my complaint about FSF India. Many points remain unanswered even now.

1. Why is it that the Chairperson and all members of FSF India, keep their own mail IDs top secret ? Why do promoters of open soure not want to share their own source or whereabouts ?

2. Why is it that volunteers of FSF do not have time or the decency to acknowledge mails sent to the m ? Why do they volunteer if they cannot observe this simple matter of courtesy?

3. What effort has FSF made to reach out to people, to ask for help , since it is still “limping” (Nagarjuna’s own words)

4. Why is it that even now, the Chairperson of FSF can only give a non-committal, diplomatic, response “I will revert back to you after I check with what actually happened.” ? When does he plan to resolve my complaint ? How much more should I wait ?

5. Why is it that no one else from FSF has cared to answer my mail ? Even if they have no answer, the least they can do is to acknowledge my mail.

This is no way to promote FOSS. This is no way to build goodwill or support.

I hope FSF India  will wake up at least now.







22/2012 Irresponsible behaviour of FSF India

Several months ago, when RMS visited Hyderabad, India, he made an appeal to join and support FSF India. In all good faith and admiration for RMS, I paid him my membership fees on the spot. He promised to send the money to FSF India, and get my membership going. In fact, he did keep his promise since, a few days later, someone from FSF India contacted me to ask me for some more details. This person did keep mailing to me and asking me for some more time to send me my membership card and some FSF goodies. Then, this person vanished and stopped mailing me. He has never cared to respond to any of my mails since then.

I did take up this matter with FSF and a person kindly responded and offered to resolve this matter. Now, even this person seems to have given up, and has disappeared.

I am not complaining  about the money I lost. I find this behaviour rather irresponsible and anarchical. If this can happen to a mature and dedicated FSF supporter like me, I am sure many others will suffer a similar fate. This behaviour will make FSF lose the goodwill and image people like RMS are trying to build.

I have no other choice than to make this incident public. I have waited long enough.


21/2012 Robberies in Secunderabad. Beware !

Beware — a new kind of daylight robbery in Hyderabad
Beware of fake policemen !

It happened two days ago. I was returning home after visiting my brother who is suffering from cancer. It was about 3 in the afternoon, in the busy road leading from Tarbund chaurasta to Bowenpally. Suddenly, a man, on a motorcycle, overtook me and waved me to stop, and started shouting in Telugu (I am not good in Telugu). He claimed to be a policeman and had apparently asked me to stop near the traffic lights. Since I had not stopped, he was going to file a case on me and hand me over to his DSP who was supposed to be following in a jeep. He said he would put me in jail and fine me Rs. 20 000 (YES twenty thousand). He dragged me to an isolated spot behind a tree. He asked for my driving license and he saw my bank card in the purse when I tried to pull out my license. He asked me how much I had in my bank, and told me to withdraw all the cash from the nearest ATM. His incoherent behaviour and obvious hurry immediately made me suspect that he was a fake. I was alone in an isolated spot. Yet, I stood firm and started asking him who he was and prove his identity. He was also not able to explain what was my offense for which he wanted me to stop in the first place. He felt annoyed at my questions and started shouting more in Telugu, and said he would confiscate my vehicle, and even shoot me (with the gun he said he was carrying) ! I pulled out my mobile phone and pretended to make a call. Seeing that his threatening gestures did not work, and that I could call for help on my mobile phone, he immediately withdrew saying that he was going to Bowenpally Police Station, to get his asistants. Without waiting for my response, he drove away on his motorcycle, which incidentally. did not have any number plate.

I waited at the same spot for a good half hour to see who else would come next. Since no one turned up, I left the place.

This is the second time such an incident has happened to me, very close to this same area. About two years ago, a person stopped my car and got into it by force, and tried to hijack it under the pretext that he was a policeman.

For those who read this — do not get disturbed by such incidents and tricksters. Never carry too much cash or jewellery on you if you are travelling alone, even on a busy street and in broad daylight. Do not cave in to such threats by so-called policemen. Never ever pay a bribe, to settle a police man’s threats. In any case, never succumb to anybody who asks for a bribe.

If anyone in the Police Dept. is reading this: please take action against such robberies and crimes. This incident may be just the tip of an iceberg.

Most important :: Please forward this story to all your friends, especially those who live and travel in Bowenpally – Tarbund area of Secunderabad. It should be noted that this area is also notorious for motorcycle-borne chain snatchers and purse snatchers. Join hands, and eradicate crime and bribery from this country.

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