6-2017 Beware of ionexchange zero-b

Looking for a water purifier for your home/office/work-place ? Read this, before you make any decision. Save yourself and avoid all the pain.

#1 Complaint dated Wed, 26 Apr 2017, lodged with ionexchange ::


I am thoroughly disappointed with your product and your servicing
arrangements. No one has come till now to attend to my complaint.
Please remember that it is impossible to survive without drinking water
in this scorching summer. I have waited enough. I am contemplating
putting up this entire episode as well as my earlier experiences on the
w-w-web and propagate it to all your competitors.

#2 Complaint dated Wed, 27 Mar 2017 , lodged with ionexchange ::


I am now obliged to make this irresponsible behaviour known publically
over the Press and through the w-w-web (I am an IEEE decorated web
designer). Your competitors will certainly benefit from this adverse

I expect you to take IMMEDIATE action and ensure that the servicing to
be done, without any further delay

You can get more details from drpartha@gmail.com. You are also welcome to narrate your bitter experiences with ionexchange zero-B. Your experiences will also be displayed on the web, to alert others. We all have a collective responsibility to prevent such unprofessional and unethical behaviour by irresponsile companies like ionexchange.

5-2017 You still trust SPICEJET ?

  1. Irresponsible and shameless
  2. Stinking service
  3. Rude behaviour
  4. …and they even fleece you.

1- 2015 Free ebook on LaTeX

The New Year starts with a good turn.

I am delighted to announce the launch of an innovative and free ebook
“Let’s Learn LaTeX”.

An overview of the book, and download instructions are available from

Take a look.

This could be a very useful resource for your institution, colleagues, students, teachers and researchers.

I welcome your comments, remarks, and suggestions. I hope you will find some time to look into this effort of mine, and recommend it to persons and institutions who would be interested in learning LaTeX.

You may also forward this message to all those who might be interested.

Thank you,


drpartha AT gmail DOT com

7-2014 When will this madness cease ?

When will this madness end ?

Politicians will not stop meddling with things they know nothing about,

Today (3 Sep 2014) India’s most respected and admired newspaper THE HINDU carries
this article by a Professor of mathematics.

In fact, this is not a new thing in Indian education system, as pointed out in
a series of articles by me earlier.

When will this madness cease ?


5-2014 Stop this shameless surrogate advertising

The June 2014 issue of Open Source for You is a glaring example of a comic disaster.   It comes with more than half a dozen articles on how to use Microsoft Windows for doing things which FOSS does so effortlessly. Many questions come up to my mind.

Why would I use Linux under Windows ? Why would I use a bullock cart to haul my BMW ? Same questions apply to running Hadoop or WordPress or Wiki under windows. Why should I buy OSFY/LFY, only for learning how to enjoy Windows ?

OSFY,  how much did they bribe you, for carrying this propaganda ?


3 -2014 End of another season

ImageYet another season of general elections is over. The goons have done their share of mudslinging and making false claims and promises.  The cartoon in today’s HINDU (2014-05-12) summarises the feeling of the aam-aadmi (common man).  We have five years to repent for the sins we did this season.

02-2014 A blessed man

Blessed is the man who gets ::

peace of mind
good health
respect in the society
good friends
compassionate thoughts
swift and painless death