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6/2012 HTCY — I paid a bribe

The LokPal Bill of Anna Hazare may never come through, thanks to the crooks and thieves who rule this country. You and me can still make life difficult for such scoundrels. Raise your voice, shout loud. The
“I paid a bribe” site is just the site for angry folks like you and me. Let us use this innovative initiative. Tell all your friends. Let Anna Hazare not be the only person to fight bribery and corruption.

The happy side of this site, is that you can also record those rare events (and places) where you did not have to pay any bribe, to get your legitimate work done. There is sometimes a silver streak in all dark clouds.

5/2012 HTCY – The cause is the consequence

Greed leads to corruption, corruption leads to greed.

The Supreme Court of India, gives a slap on the face to the Government, by scrapping ALL the licences which it had “sold” in a surreptious way.  Greedy politicians filled their pockets with such ill-gotten money, stolen from citizens like you and me. We have also seen many similar achievments like this, from the same Government ::

No wonder, they managed to hijack and sink the “Jan Lokpal Bill” which was a first step to remove the stink.

But why blame just the politicians ? There are a whole lot of other criminals  who belong to this same breed of criminals.

Raise your voice ! Assert yourself ! Condemn and damn these scoundrels. Read my blog entry #7/2012, all other entires under the category “filthy people”.


4 /2012 HTCY — How they con you

3/2012 How They Con You (HTCY)
The HTCY series of blog posts is a rogues gallery of commonplace fraud, perpetrated by unethical and dishonest and greedy and incompetent vendors and service providers.

The Oxford English Dictionary describes “con” as (noun form) “a confidence trick” The verb form of “con” could mean deceive, swindle etc.

Read these HTCY entries, and be prepared.

3/2012 One more blog ? Why ?

Mission Statement

One more blog ? Why ?

We all live for ourselves. We take care of our needs and those of our children. We keep our homes sparkling clean. But, do we keep our society clean and sparkling ? This blog is an attempt to create a clean and healthy and happy society. Yes, it can be done. We all have to put in some effort. I start with myself, since charity begins at home.

I hope to address issues related to the society we live in. We will discuss issues like this ::

  • Organ donation
  • Environment Religious and political abuse and propaganda
  • Superstition
  • Irresponsible civic behaviour
  • Incompetent professionals
  • Corruption
  • Blackmail and extorsion
  • FOSS
  • Cheating and fraud by unethical and dishonest businessmen (see entries tagged as HTCY)
  • + more to come

You can do your bit, by reading these postings frequently, and mailing me your comments and remarks. Tell your friends. Add a link to this blog, if you maintain any websites and blogs. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

In all honesty, I was also curious to try and learn what WordPress was all about.


Raise your voice. Assert Yourself.