3-2018-Accept our apologies, Ramanujan

This discovery is extracted from:
(** Emphasis added by me **)

“….. later on, a grant of Rs.2.lakh by the National Board for Higher
Mathematics, Rs. 1 lakh by the The Hindu (Daily Newspaper) and Rs.9 lakh
by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and a matching grant of Rs. 9 lakh
by the University of Madras were sanctioned. …….
** The amount was utilized towards establishing the Ramanujan Museum, now
housed in the premises of the Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in
Mathematics, University of Madras. ….. ……** ”

Subsequently, I discovered this anti-climax statement from a very responsble
person in the above institution: “It appears that the UGC (and other sponsors)
had sanctioned some money for a Ramanujan museum long time ago; but the
University had not utilized it properly. **There is no special Ramanujan Museum
in the campus of Ramanujan Institute**. There is only a bust of Ramanujan.

Someone is telling lies. Where is the truth ? No one will know the answer.
Meanwhile, please accept our apologies, Mr. Ramanujan.

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2-2018 Where ignorance is Bliss … a sequel

Yet another shameful discovery I made today was about the way we treat Ramanujan :
Do you know that it took almost a century after his death, to locate the house where Ramanujan was born ? Thanks to the efforts of Susumu Sakurai, Professor and head, Department of Math, Tokyo University of Science and Technology, and Dr. N. Mani, professor, Government Arts College, Erode, and president, Tamil Nadu Science Forum, the place would have perished and forgotten forever. This happens in a country where we fight tooth and nail for years over building a temple for a mythical person. We have memorials for politicians and scoundrels in every city. We have no place or willingness to remember a scholarly giant who made India proud.

Almost a 100 years after his death, the Indian Government declared that 22 December will be celebrated every year as National Mathematics Day. Even today, many schools in India are not even aware of the significance of 22 December, or the decision by the Govt. of India.

Another shameful discovery I made was about Ramanujan museum, housed in a single room in an obscure corner of Chennai.

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8-2017 A new signage for handicapped-friendly structures

To support my campagin for handicapped accessible structures, explained in
http://drpartha.org.in/drpartha/handic.htm, i have created a new signage to assure users of a handicapped-friendly structure. You can download the image from the above website.

5-2017 You still trust SPICEJET ?

4-2017 Bureaucrats without brains

Some bureaucrats are born without brains. Many of them seemed to have joined IIT Hyderabad. Here is a shining  and hilarious example of their creation iithjoke1.png

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3-2017 How we build educational institutions in India.

Here is a shining example of how bueaucracy scares away and repels academics and intellectuals : drpartha.org.in/publications/iith.pdf

How much more will we blame people like Manjul Bhargava, Venki Ramakrishna, or Hargobind Khurana ?


2-2017 A hoax called Facebook

Beware of Facebook hoaxes….

Some idiot seems to have created a Facebook account using my name, mailID and foto. I **NEVER** use the shit called Facebook (or Whtasapp, Linkedin etc.), or any such “social” rubbish. If you see my name in any such community, please ignore
the same, and delete me from the same. I tried deleting my name from Facebook, but the crooks out there have made it impossible to escape. I am therefore not responsible for what you find there, under my name/account. Beware ! You have been warned.

You are always welcome to contact me directly, on a one-to-one basis.

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