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1-2019 Time to switch over

A simple fact of life: CHANGE IS THE SPICE OF LIFE

It took me some time for the initial hiccups to settle down and let me reach a reasonable comfort level on my new wordpress site . All my rants and trolls will now appear in my new wordpress site only. The current blog will not be destroyed. It will be frozen and put in a hibernate mode.

See you there !


12-2018 Visitor survey

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10-2018 Explore, discover, learn

I have started a new learning adventure on 2018-11-24. I have installed and created my own WordPress site on my own web space at There will be lots of blunders and failures and subsequent rejoicing as I discover a new world. Visit my new website and give me your opinions and suggestions;

9-2018 Signs of a civilised and cultured person

We saw earlier, the qualities of a blessed person. We now see the signs of a civilised and cultured person (Our inspiration :: Tweet dated 2018 Aug 26, by Warren Buffet ‏ @warrenbuffet99)

Here’s what’s cool about a civilised and cultured person:

  1. saying ‘thank you’
  2. appreciating and respecting punctuality.
  3. being nice to strangers
  4. listening without interrupting
  5. admitting you were wrong
  6. following your dreams
  7. being a mentor
  8. learning and using people’s names
  9. holding doors open
  10. answering promptly and politely, all emails, phone calls, letters, correspondance

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anyone who can claim to match all the above.

Be honest, ask yourself, how many of the above do you follow ?



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6-2018 Adhar stigmatises everybody — Let us protest !

Recently, a learned lawyer found an innovative argument against the Aadhar project. Of course, all citizens are under the scanner because of Aadhar. Why should all financial transactions be endorsed with the Aadhar number of the parties involved ? Does it not tantamount to suspecting everyone for fraud, terrorism and tax evasion ? Let’s object to this draconian law, just because we have the right to protest and some brilliant lawyers to support us.

Why should all cars have number plates ? And why should all cars display their number plates prominently , in the front and the rear ? Does it not tantamount to suspecting everyone for fraud, terrorism and crime ? Let’s object and protest.

Why should the travelling ticket inspector check everyone’s ticket in the train ? Does it not tantamount to suspecting everyone for fraud and crime ? Let’s object and protest.

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How can learned people, particularly lawyers, be so illogical ?


5-2018 Old age need not be a curse ……..

Old age need not be a curse …….

If you are a Senior Citizen, you know what it is to be fighting isolation, poverty,
neglect. If you have parents who are old and living alone, you have a need to know
how you can help them in their struggle.
The “Senior Citizens’ Guide” , published by Helpage India, will give you all information you need. Take a look at this informative document (84 pages), and share it with as many people as you know.

Old age is a fact of life. Enjoy it gracefully with your lifemate, as long as it lasts.

Now, you have some more help to let you enjoy your sunset years

This announcement is part of my Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) initiative.

PS: The pictures above do not show me or my wife.

4-2018 Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

I seem to have got out of the Facebook tangle into which some crazy idiot put me. It was not easy to get out. I am happy that I have finally got myself extricated from this evil. Richard Stallman, founder of FSF, rightly said “People don’t use Facebook. Facebook uses people (to spy on other people).”

Here is a shocking revelation, you be the judge.

I also avoid stupid things like: whatsapp, Linkedin, Instagram, ……
Let us avoid all evil , Amen.