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9-2018 Signs of a civilised and cultured person

We saw earlier, the qualities of a blessed person. We now see the signs of a civilised and cultured person (Our inspiration :: Tweet dated 2018 Aug 26, by Warren Buffet ‏ @warrenbuffet99)

Here’s what’s cool about a civilised and cultured person:

  1. saying ‘thank you’
  2. appreciating and respecting punctuality.
  3. being nice to strangers
  4. listening without interrupting
  5. admitting you were wrong
  6. following your dreams
  7. being a mentor
  8. learning and using people’s names
  9. holding doors open
  10. answering promptly and politely, all emails, phone calls, letters, correspondance

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anyone who can claim to match all the above.

Be honest, ask yourself, how many of the above do you follow ?



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