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19/2012 Astrology, what will it be next ?

Astrology (aka ass-troll-orgy), what will it be next ?

Recently, I witnessed a video recording of a ridiculous episode. It was a discussion between Sanal Edamaruku and the Principal of a school in Delhi. The Principal had sponsored an astrologer for career counselling students based on their horoscope. Ridiculous as it may seem, this real episode is the evidence of the weird influence superstititous beliefs can have on seemingly educated people. This made me wonder what else can happen if such weird and baseless belief is allowed to proliferate. Here is a likely scenario :

zodiacNext time a criminal is arrested, the police will not make his mugshots or take his fingerprints. They will ask for his date of birth and place of birth, and summon an astrologer to “compute” the criminal’s horoscope. The horoscope will reveal all the crimes he has committed or is likely to commit, including the place and time of the crime and the details of the victim.

When the forensics team visits the site of a murder, they will not look for evidence or fingerprints. They will locate the horoscope of the victim, and predict all details of how he died, and who killed him.

Sounds great, is’nt it ?

Let us train all our Police officers in astrology, and end all crime forever. All sniffer dogs should be replaced by astrologers. Astrologers can predict what sniffer dogs can never locate by sniffing. By training the Police in black magic and witchcraft, we can make them more effective in fighting crime and terrorism.

At all international airports, immigration/emigration officers will not ask you for your passport. One look at your horoscope, and they will tell you where all you have been and what you have been up to. You wont need visas. Your horoscope should be enough.

Life is going to become so very pleasant and preictable for all of us.

It is a pity that such a useful and remarkable science called astrology is not being put to its full use, in our country.


18/2012 Masterpiece of obscurantism

Masterpice of obscurantism

Astrological forecasts and predictions thrive on two things : people’s gullibleness, and obscurantist art of telling the obvious. Here is a sample:

Weekly “forecast” on Yahoo

” For best results on Monday, shift things around. Just a little change in your routine, your environment or the contents of your heart helps a lot. The stars highlight all things heart-related around Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so take steps toward what you’ve been hoping for romantically, even if it involves moving into the unknown! Friday, it’s all about helping someone else fulfill a dream, or just pindown a more practical matter. And if you’re really gonna act on that impulse this weekend, be ready for anything to happen! ”

Read the carefully crafted words above. What can you infer from the above ? What events have been forecast ? Is there anything new, which you did not know ? In fact, you can say that everyone of the above can apply to anybody any time.

The icing on the cake ::: “be ready for anything to happen! “.

You still believe in such magical forecasts (aka verbal nonsense) ?

16 /2012 The enquiry counter phenomenon

16 /2012 The enquiry counter phenomenon

One of the drawbacks of trying to be helpful to others is the way the help seekers take you for granted, and treat you like you were their servant. In this context, my own experience has been digusting. Many of you would have noticed the huge amount of material I put up on the web, just to help people and guide them. Many jokers seem to take this as an advertisement for an on-line help centre (aka call centre). I get a feeling like I am sitting inside the enquiry desk of a railway station. People rush to you, ask a one-line question, and vanish without a single word of thanks.

This is how a typical enquiry from one of these idiots goes ::: “knock knock knock….how do I install an app. on the ipad which my brother-in-law bought from Singapore ?” These idiots who can afford to buy things which they do not know how to use, have not understood some

a. When you address someone you don’t know, you start with an opening greeting or a polite start up phrase. This is all the more importaht when you are asking for a favour or help.

b. When you address someone you don’t know, you always introduce yourself first. You do’nt have to give your date of birth, or star sign, but giving some simple details will not hurt e.g. who are you ? where do you live ? how did you come to know me ? why are you interested in this topic ? what attempts did you make ?

c. Addressing a person whom you do’nt know, by using expressions like “Hi”, “Hai”, “Hey dude” etc. is a VERY DISRESPECTFUL habit which only the most uncivilised animals practice. Use these expressions only for your school pals.

d. Sometimes, I may ask for some more details, to help you better. Give those details promptly.

thankyoue. There are words in English, like :: “please”, “thank you”, “sorry to interrupt you” , “excuse me”…… etc. Using these, does not cost any money.

f. When reporting a problem with some software you use, it is always helpful to include a minimum working example (aka MWE)

g. After you get a reply, send a polite “thank you” note, and say how useful was the response. If you expect goodwill from others, you must learn to reciprocate and sustain the goodwill others offer you.

What is worse, some of these idiots like to pick up the phone and call me up, to bluntly ask their insipid questions. It is just like calling up the railway station to ask if the train from xxx was on time. You can call anytime 24×7. You have a right to ask questions and expect a clear response. It is, after all, your birthright to phone up and ask questions. Never mind, if the person at the other end is busy, having dinner, or taking a shower. What a shame that people have other things to do than serve your Majesty !

There are less intrusive and less irritating ways to contact people, than calling them by phone e.g. via emails. The phone is best used in emergencies, like calling the fire brigade. Enquiries can wait. Why can’t people understand this simple logic ?

If you want help, and you expect people to help you, ask. But, ask wisely and with some sense of decency and responsibility. You have to prove that you deserve being helped.

And be grateful that there are people who are willing to help you.


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15 /2012 Yet another highly hyped hoax

Just a few more months left, for seeing your end, and the end of this world. Watch out for 21 Dec. 2012 and laugh at the idiots who thought of this hoax, and kick the greater idiots who believe in this.

NASA makes an unprecedent outcry agains the hype generated by a movie. Read

Do you still believe in astrology, and predictions ?