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5-2017 You still trust SPICEJET ?

  1. Irresponsible and shameless
  2. Stinking service
  3. Rude behaviour
  4. …and they even fleece you.

5/2013 I demand an explanation, Spicejet

My main complaint against Spicejet is given in the post below “01/2013 Shame on Spicejet”, And now I get a lukewarm ambiguous and evasive lipservice from the Customer Relations of Spicejet. I demand an explanation from you, Spicejet ::

What is the point of responding to my mail AFTER the date of my flight ?

Do you notice that your response is still incomplete and indecisive ? What is the point of redirecting me to some other person without answering my enquiry about flight confirmation ?

What is the use of having a so-called customer relations dept. if you cannot even answer simple queries in time ?

What action have you taken on my earlier complaint about wrong and misleading information (about fares for excess baggage)given by your call centre ?

What action have you taken on the delayed response to my query about flight confirmation ? Why are you not capable of assuring me that such lapses will not occur again ?

Do you think you can get away with such an evasive and ambiguous and meaningless response ?


01/2013 Shame on Spicejet

This is an example of irresponsible behaviour of incompetent Spicejet Airlines.

I was planning to return to India on 28th Jan. by a Spicejet flight. As usual, I asked for a reconfirmation of my return flight. Spicejet slept over my request and gave an incomplete answer ** TEN DAYS AFTER ** my flight. What is the point of responding to my mail AFTER the date of my flight ? Do you notice that the response is still incomplete and indecisive ?

Here are some snippets of the email ::

Subject: RE: Reconfirmation of flights
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 10:57:41 +0000
From: custrelations
To: Prof. Partha
CC: custrelations

Dear Guest,

Greetings from SpiceJet.

We regret the delay in responding to your email.

It is advisable to call the numbers mentioned below for urgent assistance.

Should you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. The mobile number mentioned below may be contacted for further assistance, the toll free number is contactable within India only.

Assuring you of our best attention at all times.

Thanks and Regards
Stuti Kukrety,
Customer Relations,
Spicejet Limited.

Please reconfirm my reservation on the two following sectors/flights ::

Name of passenger :: S. Parthasarathy

Sector : Kathmandu – Delhi
Date : 28 Jan. 2013
Flight No. : SG 42 11:25

Sector : Delhi – Hyderabad
Date : 28 Jan. 2013
Flight No. : SG239

My contact details at Kathmandu are given in the signature box at the end of this message.

Thank you,



Moral of the story — Beware of Spicejet. Share this episode with all your friends and enemies. Do them a favour.