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6-2017 Beware of ionexchange zero-b

Looking for a water purifier for your home/office/work-place ? Read this, before you make any decision. Save yourself and avoid all the pain.

#1 Complaint dated Wed, 26 Apr 2017, lodged with ionexchange ::


I am thoroughly disappointed with your product and your servicing
arrangements. No one has come till now to attend to my complaint.
Please remember that it is impossible to survive without drinking water
in this scorching summer. I have waited enough. I am contemplating
putting up this entire episode as well as my earlier experiences on the
w-w-web and propagate it to all your competitors.

#2 Complaint dated Wed, 27 Mar 2017 , lodged with ionexchange ::


I am now obliged to make this irresponsible behaviour known publically
over the Press and through the w-w-web (I am an IEEE decorated web
designer). Your competitors will certainly benefit from this adverse

I expect you to take IMMEDIATE action and ensure that the servicing to
be done, without any further delay

You can get more details from drpartha@gmail.com. You are also welcome to narrate your bitter experiences with ionexchange zero-B. Your experiences will also be displayed on the web, to alert others. We all have a collective responsibility to prevent such unprofessional and unethical behaviour by irresponsile companies like ionexchange.


5/2013 I demand an explanation, Spicejet

My main complaint against Spicejet is given in the post below “01/2013 Shame on Spicejet”, And now I get a lukewarm ambiguous and evasive lipservice from the Customer Relations of Spicejet. I demand an explanation from you, Spicejet ::

What is the point of responding to my mail AFTER the date of my flight ?

Do you notice that your response is still incomplete and indecisive ? What is the point of redirecting me to some other person without answering my enquiry about flight confirmation ?

What is the use of having a so-called customer relations dept. if you cannot even answer simple queries in time ?

What action have you taken on my earlier complaint about wrong and misleading information (about fares for excess baggage)given by your call centre ?

What action have you taken on the delayed response to my query about flight confirmation ? Why are you not capable of assuring me that such lapses will not occur again ?

Do you think you can get away with such an evasive and ambiguous and meaningless response ?


25/2012 Irresponsible volunteer of irresponsible FSFI

The real culprit has been located. Amit Dhakulkar <damitr@gnu.org.in>, volunteer of FSFI has spoken up at last, and confessed. Hope the problem will be resolved for good soon, and such things will never happen again to anybody.



——– Original Message ——–
Subject: FSFI Membership
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2012 08:57:39 -0400
From: Amit Dhakulkar <damitr@gnu.org.in>
To: drpartha@gmail.com, nagarjun@gnu.org.in

Dear Dr. Partha,

I am *extremely* sorry for the delay in sending your receipts and materials regarding the donation that you had done.
It was *my* fault that the things came to this stage. Have sent you the materials by courier, which you shall
receive in 2-3 working days.




23/2012 Irresponsible FSF India

I have received a mail from Nagarjuna G <nagarjun@gnowledge.org>, chairperson of Free Software Foundation of India ackowledging my complaint about FSF India. Many points remain unanswered even now.

1. Why is it that the Chairperson and all members of FSF India, keep their own mail IDs top secret ? Why do promoters of open soure not want to share their own source or whereabouts ?

2. Why is it that volunteers of FSF do not have time or the decency to acknowledge mails sent to the m ? Why do they volunteer if they cannot observe this simple matter of courtesy?

3. What effort has FSF made to reach out to people, to ask for help , since it is still “limping” (Nagarjuna’s own words)

4. Why is it that even now, the Chairperson of FSF can only give a non-committal, diplomatic, response “I will revert back to you after I check with what actually happened.” ? When does he plan to resolve my complaint ? How much more should I wait ?

5. Why is it that no one else from FSF has cared to answer my mail ? Even if they have no answer, the least they can do is to acknowledge my mail.

This is no way to promote FOSS. This is no way to build goodwill or support.

I hope FSF India  will wake up at least now.