2-2015 The scent of camphor

When I first announced my ebook on LaTeX, there was just one person who thought that this was not worthwhile.

But the world did not think that way. Neither did I. True to my convictions , I persisted on my mission.

First, it was the TeX Users Group, the ultimate authority for Tex/LaTeX related matters which took serious interest
in my ebook on LaTeX .

Then followed the endorsement by UCLA.

Interest in this ebook, by people all over the world, followed. This ebook is now available with users in at least 60 countries, spread over six continents. Many more requests for download keep coming in, incessantly. For every documented download, there must be at least a dozen copies being made, out of the downloaded copies, thanks to the encouragingly liberal CC license of the ebook.

I know, all this will not fetch me a Nobel Prize or the Turing Award. I know, it will not make me a millionaire. I am happy I persisted, and did not heed that single cynical voice.

Reminds me of a popular Tamil saying “not all animals can recognise the scent of camphor”.


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