7-2013 Why e-commerce does not work in India

Why e-commerce does not work in India

This is about yet another irritating scam, propagated by unscrupulous and greedy businessmen in India. This tip of the iceberg hides many other filthy tricks played by most of these vendors, in the name of ecommerce.

In almost all ecommerce transactions we have to forcibly give away our mail ID, so that the vendor can get back to us with relevant information. Some greedy vendors use this as bait, to harvest our mail IDs which they can use later for sending us unsolicited and irrelevant marketing rubbish. These idiots do not realise that no one will fall for their propaganda, just because of their spam mail. In fact, even if I need their product/or service, i will surely not go back to them, for fear of inviting more spam. This is in fact an excellent way of losing goodwill and clientele. It is also very easy for me to set my mail filters, to trash all such spam mails from such spamsters. You will never be able to force yourself on a disinterested client.

My list of such spamsters includes :: Flipkart (aka flopkart), Bookadda, Yatra, Makemytrip, Airtel, Nokia, Countryclub, Foodpanda, Thyrocare …. the list keeps growing. Shame on you all !

Stay away from such unscrupulous spamsters.



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