5/2013 I demand an explanation, Spicejet

My main complaint against Spicejet is given in the post below “01/2013 Shame on Spicejet”, And now I get a lukewarm ambiguous and evasive lipservice from the Customer Relations of Spicejet. I demand an explanation from you, Spicejet ::

What is the point of responding to my mail AFTER the date of my flight ?

Do you notice that your response is still incomplete and indecisive ? What is the point of redirecting me to some other person without answering my enquiry about flight confirmation ?

What is the use of having a so-called customer relations dept. if you cannot even answer simple queries in time ?

What action have you taken on my earlier complaint about wrong and misleading information (about fares for excess baggage)given by your call centre ?

What action have you taken on the delayed response to my query about flight confirmation ? Why are you not capable of assuring me that such lapses will not occur again ?

Do you think you can get away with such an evasive and ambiguous and meaningless response ?



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