23/2012 Irresponsible FSF India

I have received a mail from Nagarjuna G <nagarjun@gnowledge.org>, chairperson of Free Software Foundation of India ackowledging my complaint about FSF India. Many points remain unanswered even now.

1. Why is it that the Chairperson and all members of FSF India, keep their own mail IDs top secret ? Why do promoters of open soure not want to share their own source or whereabouts ?

2. Why is it that volunteers of FSF do not have time or the decency to acknowledge mails sent to the m ? Why do they volunteer if they cannot observe this simple matter of courtesy?

3. What effort has FSF made to reach out to people, to ask for help , since it is still “limping” (Nagarjuna’s own words)

4. Why is it that even now, the Chairperson of FSF can only give a non-committal, diplomatic, response “I will revert back to you after I check with what actually happened.” ? When does he plan to resolve my complaint ? How much more should I wait ?

5. Why is it that no one else from FSF has cared to answer my mail ? Even if they have no answer, the least they can do is to acknowledge my mail.

This is no way to promote FOSS. This is no way to build goodwill or support.

I hope FSF India  will wake up at least now.








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