22/2012 Irresponsible behaviour of FSF India

Several months ago, when RMS visited Hyderabad, India, he made an appeal to join and support FSF India. In all good faith and admiration for RMS, I paid him my membership fees on the spot. He promised to send the money to FSF India, and get my membership going. In fact, he did keep his promise since, a few days later, someone from FSF India contacted me to ask me for some more details. This person did keep mailing to me and asking me for some more time to send me my membership card and some FSF goodies. Then, this person vanished and stopped mailing me. He has never cared to respond to any of my mails since then.

I did take up this matter with FSF and a person kindly responded and offered to resolve this matter. Now, even this person seems to have given up, and has disappeared.

I am not complaining  about the money I lost. I find this behaviour rather irresponsible and anarchical. If this can happen to a mature and dedicated FSF supporter like me, I am sure many others will suffer a similar fate. This behaviour will make FSF lose the goodwill and image people like RMS are trying to build.

I have no other choice than to make this incident public. I have waited long enough.



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