19/2012 Astrology, what will it be next ?

Astrology (aka ass-troll-orgy), what will it be next ?

Recently, I witnessed a video recording of a ridiculous episode. It was a discussion between Sanal Edamaruku and the Principal of a school in Delhi. The Principal had sponsored an astrologer for career counselling students based on their horoscope. Ridiculous as it may seem, this real episode is the evidence of the weird influence superstititous beliefs can have on seemingly educated people. This made me wonder what else can happen if such weird and baseless belief is allowed to proliferate. Here is a likely scenario :

zodiacNext time a criminal is arrested, the police will not make his mugshots or take his fingerprints. They will ask for his date of birth and place of birth, and summon an astrologer to “compute” the criminal’s horoscope. The horoscope will reveal all the crimes he has committed or is likely to commit, including the place and time of the crime and the details of the victim.

When the forensics team visits the site of a murder, they will not look for evidence or fingerprints. They will locate the horoscope of the victim, and predict all details of how he died, and who killed him.

Sounds great, is’nt it ?

Let us train all our Police officers in astrology, and end all crime forever. All sniffer dogs should be replaced by astrologers. Astrologers can predict what sniffer dogs can never locate by sniffing. By training the Police in black magic and witchcraft, we can make them more effective in fighting crime and terrorism.

At all international airports, immigration/emigration officers will not ask you for your passport. One look at your horoscope, and they will tell you where all you have been and what you have been up to. You wont need visas. Your horoscope should be enough.

Life is going to become so very pleasant and preictable for all of us.

It is a pity that such a useful and remarkable science called astrology is not being put to its full use, in our country.



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