18/2012 Masterpiece of obscurantism

Masterpice of obscurantism

Astrological forecasts and predictions thrive on two things : people’s gullibleness, and obscurantist art of telling the obvious. Here is a sample:

Weekly “forecast” on Yahoo http://shine.yahoo.com/astrology

” For best results on Monday, shift things around. Just a little change in your routine, your environment or the contents of your heart helps a lot. The stars highlight all things heart-related around Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so take steps toward what you’ve been hoping for romantically, even if it involves moving into the unknown! Friday, it’s all about helping someone else fulfill a dream, or just pindown a more practical matter. And if you’re really gonna act on that impulse this weekend, be ready for anything to happen! ”

Read the carefully crafted words above. What can you infer from the above ? What events have been forecast ? Is there anything new, which you did not know ? In fact, you can say that everyone of the above can apply to anybody any time.

The icing on the cake ::: “be ready for anything to happen! “.

You still believe in such magical forecasts (aka verbal nonsense) ?


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