14/2012 Ugadi Pachadi

Ugaadi Pachadi

Today is “Ugaadi” , the New Year day according to the Telugu Calendar (this day also coincides with the Parsi New Year day Navroz). It is a tradition to consume “ugadi pachadi” today, this pachadi is a blend of ingredients which render the following tastes to the pachadi : sweet (due to the use of jaggery, an unrefined sugar), sour (due to raw green mangos), salty (due to use of sea salt), bitter (due to flowers and leaves of the margosa tree aka neem tree), spicy/hot (due to fresh green chillies). It is also one way to recall the events of the last year. In my case, I saw these tastes in the last year, on the following occasions ::

  • Sweet :: Arrival of my grand-daughter Samviti.
  • Sour :: Several events which happened in the family.
  • Spicy/hot :: Holiday and visit to Kathmandu. My course on cryptography at Kathmandu University
  • Salty :: Frequent emotional outbursts of my closest blood.
  • Bitter :: Behaviour and attitude of a person very closely integrated into our family since three years. The bitter taste of the venom of hostility and hatred, injected by this person into our family, dominated the past year. It will take a long time to cure the family of the effects of this poison.

Today, as I take one more dose of Ugadi Pachadi, I wonder how many of these tastes will affect my life in the year which starts today.



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