8/2012 Now, what do you say Mr. Manager ? FPIHM

What do you say now, Mr. Manager ?

When a bunch of apes takes over a ship, only two things can happen : the ship sinks, the ship runs aground. You did both. to the ship you were steering. And now, you have to explain your actions and inactions.

Luckily the sailors, who knew how to swim, jumped off the ship before it sank. Here is the story of one of the sailors ::

For 13 long years, you kept this sailor handcuffed, fettered, and tied up in a strait jacket. You shamelessly licked up all the rewards and goodies which the sailor should have got.

How do you explain calling yourself my superior ? Were you / are you superior in intellect ? learning ? honesty ? professional competence ? So, why did your company go bankrupt What do you say about this Mr. Manager ? Don’t you have any shame or feeling of guilt ?

Let us see what happened after this sailor escaped from your clutches: within 15 days, the sailor was in Bangkok, teaching in a world-famous technical institution. Within 3 months he was in a famous institution in China, working for the United Nations. Ever since, the recognitions and rewards have not stopped coming. The latest one being, an invitation to join the Board of Editors of a famous international research journal published from UK. The sailor did not have to go to UK. UK came to him ! What do you say about all this ?

It was enough to get out of the company of brain dead idiots like you, this sailor was decorated **twice** with international awards, by IEEE (USA). Why did this not happen earlier ? How do you explain this Mr. Manager ?

Let us see what happened to the company you apes were steering. The company went bankrupt and sank into the sea. In India, hundreds of thousands of Info. Tech. companies are flourishing except this three lettered company which you apes were steering. This happened, in spite of all the pampering it (and you) got as a Government owned company, and all the resources (except sensible Managers) it had in abundance.

In a shameful display of favouritism, you promoted your own godchildren. You chose them, not because of their technical skills, but just because of their sweet talk, and “Yes Sir” salutes. How do you explain the generous favours you have doled out to your bunch of godchildren ?

One of your breed of animals, wrote to the sailor that the sailor’s work was not acceptable because their Marketing team could not sell it. Classic example of the tail waving the dog. Since they did not know how to encash an idea from a scholar,  their marketing team sold away the very institution that fed them. No wonder, the institution went bankrupt. Now, what do you say about this ?

Later, this same institution had to beg the sailor to visit them and help them. They had to pay the equivalent of two months salary just for a day of visit, for the very same skills which they found hard to sell. So much for the wisdom of you apes. Now, what do you say about this ?

Two of your own kin, who always thought I was worthless, came running to me to help them in the company they were starting (since the company they were supposed to be steering had started sinking). Predictably, both these companies went bankrupt in no time. That makes at least three companies you managed to sink. Now, what do you say about this ? It is anyway too much to expect any technical skills from Managers like you, you proved your lack of Managerial skills by sinking all the companies who chose to ask you to steer them.

Moral of the story :: incompetence and dishonesty will finally ruin you, one day or other.

Satyameva jayatay.


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