5/2012 HTCY – The cause is the consequence

Greed leads to corruption, corruption leads to greed.

The Supreme Court of India, gives a slap on the face to the Government, by scrapping ALL the licences which it had “sold” in a surreptious way.  Greedy politicians filled their pockets with such ill-gotten money, stolen from citizens like you and me. We have also seen many similar achievments like this, from the same Government ::

No wonder, they managed to hijack and sink the “Jan Lokpal Bill” which was a first step to remove the stink.

But why blame just the politicians ? There are a whole lot of other criminals  who belong to this same breed of criminals.

Raise your voice ! Assert yourself ! Condemn and damn these scoundrels. Read my blog entry #7/2012, all other entires under the category “filthy people”.



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