3/2012 One more blog ? Why ?

Mission Statement

One more blog ? Why ?

We all live for ourselves. We take care of our needs and those of our children. We keep our homes sparkling clean. But, do we keep our society clean and sparkling ? This blog is an attempt to create a clean and healthy and happy society. Yes, it can be done. We all have to put in some effort. I start with myself, since charity begins at home.

I hope to address issues related to the society we live in. We will discuss issues like this ::

  • Organ donation
  • Environment Religious and political abuse and propaganda
  • Superstition
  • Irresponsible civic behaviour
  • Incompetent professionals
  • Corruption
  • Blackmail and extorsion
  • FOSS
  • Cheating and fraud by unethical and dishonest businessmen (see entries tagged as HTCY)
  • + more to come

You can do your bit, by reading these postings frequently, and mailing me your comments and remarks. Tell your friends. Add a link to this blog, if you maintain any websites and blogs. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

In all honesty, I was also curious to try and learn what WordPress was all about.


Raise your voice. Assert Yourself.


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